Is Your Long-Term Care Home Ready to Build a Living Classroom?

Screenshot of Readiness ChecklistIf your long-term care home is interested in collaborating with a college to build your own Living Classroom, the Living Classroom Readiness Checklist will help you reflect on a variety of factors that can contribute to a successful implementation. The purpose of completing the Readiness Checklist is to support planning and decision-making.

The Readiness Checklist includes 19 questions, grouped under the following categories:

  • Leadership Support
  • Human Resources to Support Teaching and Learning
  • Quality Assurance and Change Management
  • Organizational Culture
  • Critical Mass and Diversity of Services
  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Partnerships


Download the Living Classroom Readiness Checklist (PDF).

We suggest that each member of your planning team complete the checklist items individually. Then use the discussion questions to guide a group reflection on strengths and challenges, and to determine where more preparation may be needed.

To explore implementation requirements in greater depth, read the Living Classroom Implementation Guide.

As you embark on the planning process, you can continue to use the Readiness Checklist at different points along the journey.

Share Your Feedback

If you use the Readiness Checklist, we’d be happy to hear your feedback.

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  • What kind of discussions did it prompt?
  • Is there anything you would add or change?

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